Tesla Cybertruck

We're getting closer. THere's been lots of "final prototypes" spotting, as well as being seen on flights being sent to and from asia and Europe, supposedly for final testing/certifications/etc...

This location seems...ill-advised, but apparently it's "so much better" than the old charge port location (according to a lot of replies), because the old one meant a stamping in the steel, and that was causing weird deformations. 😅

One was brought to Peterson Cars and Coffee today.

It's so friggin weird. I still can't believe they are building it.

Showing the rear-wheel steering:

I bet they build and sell a very limited number - the people who want one will get one in the first year of availability and demand will drop like a stone; once those die-hards have their trucks, there won't be anyone else to sell to.
That charging port is going to work really well through winter. Hell, even though it has a rubber gasket, that will last… a year? Two years tops? Then say hello to crusty metal pins.

The Rivian truck and F-150 are much more realistic and I’d have one of those if the truck had to be battery electric.
Huh, because of rust or because the tires keep slinging shit into it? 🤣

Why not both?

In this case, one is really going to lead to the other.
Fair enough lol
I'd mostly be worried about the shit getting in there and you having to meticulously peel everything out of the connector before plugging in (because that'd get it all proper wedged in there). one of our customers had some random idiot stuff ground meat into one of the DC charge plugs on their charging station. had to be replaced, since they weren't able to clean it all out anymore.
Rust... not so much necessarily... the model3 cover doesn't have proper weather sealing around the charge port either and none of that stupid rubber plug shit other manufacturers have. ok scratch that... i use the damn thing every day and have never noticed the actual little rubber lip on the cover :bangin: and that's absolutely no issue at all... then again, that thing is not in a position that gets actively bombarded by salt and shit from the wheels, just rain I guess.
Too late to be interesting for most people. While Tesla were messing about, Ford made a product that will appeal to the mass market of pickup buyers. It's still a unique design, so that'll sell it to some. There's a lot more plastic going on that I expected from the original concept, though.
So, the Cybertruck's windshield wiper has been nicknamed "BAW", or "Big-Ass Wiper". If I understand right, it's ONE arm, that holds TWO wiper blades, end-to-end.

And yet, despite the B-A'ed-ness...it seems like 1/2 the windshield acreage is un-wiped. 😅 I wonder how those behind-the-glass sensors are going to like that setup.

Rear castings must have been killed in production hell?

Screenshot 2023-07-20 000050.jpg
Bro it looks like I built it
That's going to be an awesome pizza oven between June and September
The quantity of parking lot/garage tickets that will fill in that acreage will affect the vehicle's range, because it will be so many that it will start to have its own gravitational pull.