Tesla Cybertruck

Still looks like a door stop
Once someone called it a urinal, can't unsee that :ROFLMAO:
Ha! Whoever said that is bang-on. 😅

That's the most hostile-futuristics-80's-retrofuture urinal I've ever seen.
It would fit in very well at a German motorway parking lot.

No, those have a tower of shit stacked high.

„Holy shit, I didn’t know they stacked shit that high!“
I'm pretty sure a 7.62x39 would have no trouble defeating the Cybertruck bodywork. Their demo of how bullet proof the car was used .45 ACP, a big, soft, sub-sonic pistol round. It hits hard, but doesn't punch through material the way a faster round would.

And if the 7.62x39 doesn't do it, someone can break out the .30-06 (7.62x63 mm) "Turning Cover in to Concealment since 1906".
I don't get it...
It's the first film and the one that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe.