Ownership Verified: Teslas everywhere ... But never a red one!

Oh yeah don’t get me wrong, „perfectly manageable“ should really be read „comfortably“ as well. It’s all first world problems complaining at that point.

Talked to a Guy the other day who was flabbergasted that we are even able to go on holiday without additional roof box and stuff… which his family of 3 needs, in addition to the humongous SUV they drive 😐
A certain person I was traveling with took waaay too much stuff that was not needed... Luckily we are just 3, ... But there was not space for a 4th person to sit in the car D:
I have had the car a bit over a year now, and I have 29,705km (18,458mi) on the clock.

So far, no issues other than the wheels trying to fall off and rear right taillight needing to be replaced as two of the plastics were separating.

I am still really happy with the car! Right now I am not sure I would actually replace it when it came time... This thing already has quite a few scrapes and scratches, the drivers door has a tiny warp in it due to the door to my drive blowing closed while I was driving through, there are a few scrapes on the back where things have been loaded in a stupid way, the rest is just interior marks and whatever... And with kids, they just destroy everything anyway :D

Let's see how the market is for EV's in 3 years time when I have the final payment due on the car (€30k ish)
You’re eying the ID.7, aren’t you? 😁
Oh yeah, another update. As of today I am at 32,600km which is a bit over 20k miles in a bit over a year :ROFLMAO:
I am not sure I would call buying a set of 20" wheels and performance tires a "cheap transformation for the winter wheels" :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
I am not sure I would call buying a set of 20" wheels and performance tires a "cheap transformation for the winter wheels" :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Well, the paint and whatnot cost me €20 and it’s something I never did before. The hubcaps were silver and gray before!
Black definitely looks better, I've never been a fan of the aero caps of any kind so making them less obvious is a good thing.
Winter tires went on this week - Currently at 33,839km.

The summers are still "okay" but I will put 20" wheels on and some new, not scary in the wet, summers - Probably PS5's or PSEV's. I might have the option next year of swapping it out for something else, depending on a few things ... if the right numbers come up, maybe I will :)
I thought of this thread the other day, when I was sitting in traffic with two identical red Teslas.
Car just crossed 40,000km during a 1700km weekend getaway with the family :) Slept in the car one night with 3 people... It worked, kind of :D