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Test: TVR Tuscan mk2 (EVO)


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Nov 28, 2004
Oslo, Norway
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EVO said:
TVR Tuscan 2

It's grown up, evolved and lost a few rough edges but the entry-level Tuscan is still one mighty beast...



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Whats your opinion...?
brilliant as always, the interior looks a bit more civalised (prefer old one) but it's still good. Only thing I don't like is the number plate mounting, spoils the car a bit me thinks :(
Other wise, I want one bad :thumbsup:
Wow! Just had a look at the pictures of the Nissan R35, and it made me appreciate the styling fo this car even more. This is my kinda car, its just awesome! :D
shame its kinda ugly at the back, old tuscan was better lookin for sure
^ i also dont like the back that much, but as a whole its a nice car
jasonchiu said:
what the diff of this mk2? looks the same lol
Most of the difference is under the skin, it's got new suspension, new wheel geometry, new steering, a stiffer chassis, improved engine, better aerodynamics, better reliability, better ergonomics in the interior... and so on...

I think this one looks better than the old one. I didn't think so at first, but it has grown on me...
The back is gay but the interior is so cool.. Me wants one
I love the tuscan, the way it looks, and the performance, and the 400 hp they pull out of the stright six, its just awesome, loved it ever sinnce Ive seen john travolta drive it in swordfish. Too bad we dont get em ere in the states.