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Tested: Mercedes-Benz M-Class


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
The all-new Mercedes-Benz M-Class is better built, more capable off-road and a blinding performer with the V8. But can it unseat the Best in Class BMW X5 and VW Touareg?



Refined,Sportier, classier, but its still cheap Mercedes build quality... can't have seven seats nemore, Ml63 AMG (now, that'll be a heck of a ride) comin out later this year.
^^All of the above + its good value for money unlike most Mercs..this one is built in the US thats why.
I think its a great car :thumbsup:
I dont know how you fixed the link but as for the review of the M-Class, I found it a tad surprising... :unsure:
I would have thought this car IS good value for money especially by Merc terms.
As for the sluggish 3.5 V6, thats unexpected as they have been hugly praised in both the SLK & CLS models. Guess you cant just stick it into a two-tonne 4WD and expect it to go as fast!
I still like this car though :)
A good quality car (like Mercs usually are), no doubt about it. But still, i'm not so big Mercedes enthusiast... Have to say, though, that it looks very good.