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Testing my signature

yep, works good here :thumbsup:
Cool... I thought I'd done it wrong because the sig didn't appear on my older posts that I did.... onanother forum, when you change your sig/avatar... it changes on all the posts that you make.
If you change your sig, it will change on all posts.

However, when you made your old posts, you didn't have a sig, so therefore no sig was attached to your old posts (the "show your signature" box was unchecked).
Question... how do you make banners with the picture going all the way across? The way I do it means the pic is only part way over it, for the rest you have to 'blend colours'. Sorry if this is kinda off topic or whatever...
are you talking about userbars, or general sig pics ?
Userbars, I know how to do it for banners or just sigs in general! :)
We usually don't use pictures all the way across, we usually use either a gradient as a background and then the subject on top, or a large picture as the background and again the subject picture in front of it