Testing the water - Time attack league


An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
Four from the top and two from the third row, UK.
'12 MX-5 PRHT, '02 Freelander, '90 Disco 1 Bobtail
I played a bit of LFS last night after a long time and it occurred to me that the popular time attack series that both me and Coswrth ran with Forza Motorsport could be very easily adapted for LFS. In fact it would work so much better with LFS due to the shareable replays, manual camera angles, easy screen recording at HD res. using Fraps, etc. The only down side is the choice of cars and the lack of modifications.

So I'm testing the water here. If I were to start a LFS league for FG and other forums to run in the near future, who would be interested? You don't have to dedicate yourself to a whole league if you don't want to, just the ones you want to. :)
I have a full license and a G27 begging to be used.