Spoilers: Tests of Various Functions


Yes, as in the airport.
Aug 2, 2008
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Spoiler thus
You should never look at spoilers unless you are sure you wont mind whats in them :p

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In Blue size 3
You should never look at spoilers unless you are sure you wont mind whats in them :p
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Nah thats not gone well!
msg to self: RTFM
More BBCode tests

More BBCode tests

blah blah

Madebackwards chat to Andy Wilman at TG America Pilot Taping 28th July, 2008

And here?s an extract of the relevant part :

Paragaph 5
On the subject of the UK show, I asked why there had only been six episodes in the current run, he answered that there would be eight in the October run, and that he only wants to make fourteen per year from now on as he doesn't want it to get tired, and for them to run out of ideas. He said he didn't feel this was the best series of all. He admitted they'd not got TopGear Stuntman right, but that he'd re-emerge at some point

seems OK, cool
Edit: Link tested OK & edit test on value clicky sting
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Yeah, you pretty much got it all. It was real quick and I was making some tea just before ?Live .. with Jools Holland? at 22:00

Just in case
Am pretty sure too it was Mikka, but you missed off the cream or off white coloured

Bugatti Veyron on what could be the TG Test track.
(I think!)
Is that Freema Agyeman?
[youtube="uIBtQTTDUKU"]Tom & Jerry The Night before Christmas[/youtube]

You can add pictures in "edit" mode, you just don't use the button...simply type the command.
 img] (minus the space in the 2nd set of brackets)
^ yes thanks, & here is a test!


.. which is also a work around the current PhyreFile problem that I am having.:)
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Works OK, :cool:

OK so note to self: current Phyrefile lite doesnt work with Flash 10, so go to main site, Login, upload piccies, select / copy BB code, then paste in here.
All is good:cool:
[YOUTUBE="BJEpVYv2myw&feature=PlayList&p=D2E096879FF36194&index=30"]GT Racer Trailer[/YOUTUBE]

Imbed with Title OK on PREVIEW no worky on Submit -wierd

imbed no title OK on PREVIEW no worky on Submit -wierd x2

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJEpVYv2myw&feature=PlayList&p=D2E096879FF36194&index=30]GT Racer[/youtube]

Edit: Changed to full url with [youtube] BBCodes - Works OK
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[YOUTUBE=BJEpVYv2myw]GT Racer Trailer[/YOUTUBE]
^equals (by means of [noparse])-->[YOUTUBE=BJEpVYv2myw]GT Racer Trailer[/YOUTUBE]
Video with title only. Tried it with the playlist info and it didn't work at all.

Sig test of my own here?
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