Spoilers: Tests of Various Functions

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Getting a 500 Internal Server error trying to reply to another thread. So testing replying in general here.

EDIT: Weird. That worked. Wonder why the other thread is still throwing the error.
EDIT2: Been trying in Firefox. Now in Chrome. No dice.
EDIT3: Got it. Had to post a bullshit post in that thread, then edit to to say what I wanted it to say. No idea why.
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I was getting the same thing and your suggestion of making a random post then editing with the original content worked. Thanks. :)
transloader test

I tested your mom's avatar.
Let's see if this thread gets subscribed when I answer via phone (Opera on iOS 7) because when I answer via Opera on the PC it doesn't subscribe automatically?

Maybe when I edit my post?

- - - Updated - - -

Nope, editing doesn't subscribe either - maybe when I post two posts shortly after another so they get merged automatically?

- - - Updated - - -

So, subscription cancelled and trying from the PC if it gets subscribed when I post another post which will be merged automatically...
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picture transload, ya?