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Texas town trades name for satellite TV

you have to pay for having a satellite dish? :?
I saw this on BBR, I guess even the Clark family sold out :)
Theres a Rage Against the Machine song in there somewhere.
There is Rome- NY, Paris- Texas...yeah we have wierd town names.

OHH in a Jackass episode I remember they were in a town named, Uranus or Mianus. Really funny. Im pretty sure it was Mianus(SP?)

He kept saying stuff like, "So I could do that in Mianus", "People love visiting Mianus" etc. :lol:
Choose your destiny:

Hell, Michigan


Paradise, Michigan

both real towns :lol:
Welcome to Maine...

No, really, these are actual town names in Maine. I remember passing through Moscow, Maine, population 757. Later I passed through another town that began with E or something, population 138. More moose than people!