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TG: 1 hour or 30 minute version?


May 27, 2004
well, I was complaining about this in another post but since the thread was already a bit old, I doubt many people still read it.

So, am I the only one who finds that the new version of Top Gear with all the talk about new cars and regulations, guest stars and public intercting is too long? now it looks too much like a talk-show IMO. I'd definatley prefer the old version where they only tested cars and there wasn't any of this studio chit-chat. For me, the edited-down version that's on BBC World is much better, they keep only the essential bits.
And how about the guest stars? Just who the hell knows them except for Brit people??? I don't think I've seen more than 4 guest stars which I've actually heard of...
<my 2 cents>

I actually enjoy some of the chit chat. With guest stars, I suppose if you weren't familiar with them, then it wouldn't be interesting, but I like hearing about their ownership history with cars and the expensive 'prangs' they've had - they are usually the only people with an income and ego to keep owning the 'latest and greatest'.
It's also funny seeing how serious and competitive they are on the track with their timed laps.
1 hour version...definitly...i could understand that the chit chat gets kinda boring after the tenth time watching it, but i like it.

but if I had to choose, i would like to see an hour of cartesting...but that would become to expensive i guess
I usually fast forward the chat part and just look at their lap around the track
i would like to see Jeremy Richard and the Stig competing against eachother...i have no clue how good they both are on the track...and it brings back a little bit of competion between them.. :p
jostyrostelli said:
i would like to see Jeremy Richard and the Stig competing against eachother...i have no clue how good they both are on the track...and it brings back a little bit of competion between them.. :p
I'd love to see some chasing happening on the track, perhaps bring back the old Stig from the grave and have a Black v White shootout!
When Tiff & Vicky were on TG , they used to chase each other round a track, brilliant fun to watch or do yourself, either way.
well I've just seen the latest show, for example. It was supposed to be on cars that weren't imported in the UK... they only tested TWO cars that weren't imported and simply showed photos of other non-imported cars (cars that looked pretty damn cool I must say). I mean, they could've at least have the actual cars in the studio instead of showing a small pics of them... it seemed like a very cheap trick to me...
The chit chat is what sets TG apart from say Fifth Gear.

I love cars, but even I admit when you just see car review after car review, it gets boring. They throw in some humor and some French bashing so it's not monotonous.
i actaully watching the whole 1 hour show...the new bits, and the chit chat are fun...
Well said nosispower. The talking and the little features here and there are what make Top Gear so much more interesting. I love cars, but I can only handle so much of them. Little no-entirely-car-orientated things here and there make it a lot more interesting :)
Yeah, I enjoy the chit chat. It's nice to see their opinions on cars, even if I sometimes disagree with them. ;)
not read to much of this post (just the first one)

and i really like the new format or talk show / car review / fun and the semi scripted style and bouncing ideas of each other. It s bit more of a homely feal to the show as opposed to "top gear attitude" a german efficient show if u get what i mean
Another one for the 1 - hour stronghold. I actually love watching Jeremy make fun of the guests or their past cars, and listening to them make fun of him. I like TG just the way it is now......except that it should be 2 hours 8)
I like the new format of Top Gear. While the car reviews are good, extra bits like the part on the Toyota pickup really give this show an extra bit of flavour for good.
I actually really like the guests, chit-chat, etc. The show just seems so complete and enteraining. It is infotainment :mrgreen:
I had not seen Top Gear for a few years but I am delighted with the new format I just love it. It is exactly like British motor magazines, they're different from the rest with extra stuff, usually full of that wonderful British humor.

The old Top Gear was fine but very dull compared to this new breed :)