TG Bond Special

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See he's still calling himself The Stig, then

James mentioned this on the radio the other day. He said it was mainly about Aston Martins, which means it won't exactly tell the whole story of Bond cars. There have been others.
Skyfall releases on the 26th.....
The Bond Special will air on Sunday 28th October.
Andy Wilman has written an article about it for the new TG Mag. They look at far more than just Astons - and actually build an working submarine Lotus (the one in The Spy who Loved Me was model/mockup) as well as try and recreate the invisible car from Die Another Day - the invisible van that Richard was seen driving around earlier this year. Richard interviews director Guy Hamilton, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig. Sounds fun.
if someone didn't read it yet,
Not only that, but Richard Hammond will return on the small screen with a Top Gear special celebrating 50 years of Bond cars, at the end of the month. As executive producer Andy Wilman notes: "Presented solely by Richard, it is, I'm proud to admit, something of an old-school documentary in which Top Gear shuts up, takes a back seat and listens".

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Too bad it's Hammond, probably the least bond-ish of the three.
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They all come across well in interviews. Even the wee rodent.
That show is horrible. Richard was good and Chris was good although I did want to hear a few of James's questions, but the rest of that show is horrible.
That was a very entertaining interview. (FYI...I was able to listen to it, and I'm outside of the UK)

Does kinda make you realize just how far their 'real' selves have been pushed aside sometimes, on the show. It's a little sad, really...
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