TG on discovery channel

Bowler is not from that series I think... The Bowler, I believe in what Richard says in the race is that he tested it earlier. I don't know which episode it's in, but it's definitely before then because there is no test of the Bowler in that and him saying "Driving God"

Next week, according to Yahoo, "The race to Monte Carlo is on, with Jeremy in the new Aston Martin DB9, and Richard and James travelling by high-speed train; actress Fay Ripley". Just pray they don't mess up the DB9 segment like they did with the Welch sands.
i just saw the copywright on that episode. 2005
should be 2003, 2004, 2002.... lol

anyway this little mix they made sort of makes sense. im from the US and i am sure that no american is really going to be concerned about buying the best coupe or what the cheif constable of wales has done in london. those are oriented toward the average british viewer. the cut outs were the news and the star in the reasonable priced car. also the shopping comparison section (i.e a 2 door citroen vs. a 2 door renault) wouldn't make too much sense to the americans since they shouldnt care about such a thing. unfortunately they didnt show any of the lap times for the koenigsegg or any other car that had a lap time that was shown.

even though it was butchered to hell in the eyes of the bittorrent user, the people who have just watched this is going to think it was an incredible episode since, in essence, was action packed in such a way that the average american wouldnt steer away. too bad they'll never find out what a real top gear episode, hell a current top gear episode, unless they go through and search for the right episodes in the respective places. but it doesnt look like they missed out on much.
Its interesting to note that there seems to be a framerate difference between this and the UK version (pal vs ntsc). Also they did manage to get most of the music back as opposed to the bbc world version so :thumbsup:
regnevah said:
Its interesting to note that there seems to be a framerate difference between this and the UK version (pal vs ntsc). Also they did manage to get most of the music back as opposed to the bbc world version so :thumbsup:

the framerate was insane compared to the stuff i get from "sources." looked like i was seeing through a HDTV, messed with my eyes.
That's a good point. I think the 645 vs 911 vs XJR should have been left in it's entirety though because all those cars, if I'm not mistaken, can be bought here in the US. The review of those was great because of the descriptions each presenter gives (and you feel their own style of presenting in each of them too).

What we saw was much shorter segments of each car, about 10 seconds of regular driving, then commercial, then the drag race with none of the great input. That's what I missed I think.
Music was different in some segments as well. I watched those episodes from some of the segments a few too many times and it felt out of sync. I don't know... I guess I keep complaining about it. Me complaing will do no good.
Just caught the tail end of the Top Gear episode on the Discovery channel in America...

Couldn't believe my eyes, not just for Top Gear being on, but how smooth the picture quality was compared to PAL.

I think the different music for the segments is related to music licensing and the legal foibles that are in place. The same thing happens with Fifth Gear when the show it on the Speed channel over here.

Can't wait to see the rest of the show when they show the replay at 1 AM Eastern.

So let's see, how could they cut down an hour length show from an hour down to 45 mins? Well, they chop off the Celebrity BS, take out the news and also do away with 5-10 mins of Clarkson going on about American cars.
what im happy about is finally americans can see that a car can be blown off by the force of a 747's engines unlike what mythbusters said that it cant be done. by that display alone the us version of topgear will easily be one of the higher rated shows on discovery channel.
Well I think it's a pretty good that was new to my eyes. I kind of expected the show to be a re-edit of what airs over in GB.
Now we need to pray Speed comes to their senses and start airing new to these shores Fifth Gear instead of some NASCRAP stuff.
I'm just waitng for Speed to make a special called. The Nascar Stars go Clubbing Baby Fur Seals. :cry:
Follow has Little E and some the Top Nascar Star hunt and kill Baby Fur Seals. Sponsored by Louisville Slugger.
Of you know it would get HUGH Ratings largest Speed has ever seen. :evil:
regnevah said:
Its interesting to note that there seems to be a framerate difference between this and the UK version (pal vs ntsc). Also they did manage to get most of the music back as opposed to the bbc world version so :thumbsup:
Thats the difference between NTSC (never the same color) and PAL (perfection at last) systems used by the US and Europe. PAL is 24 frame, NTSC is 30 frame. The conversion process isnt the prettiest , But PAL is actually better then NTSC. But soon we will all be ATSC (digital format) and all will be well in the world.

I agree that Top Gear is easily current the best (IMO) program on Discovery Channel.. stuff like American Chopper or American Hotrod that are on 24/7 are just stupid.

a little update on the rip, I started encoding at around 8:18, currently it's on second pass and 30 minutes left, I should have a torrent ready around 9:10pm Pacific time
Yeah. Still the best DC program. Just dissapointing because we've seen the real TG.
This is the best motoring program to ever be shown in the states. Car & Driver TV and Motortrend should be taking notes.
I was pretty excited to actually see it was happening... but after watching it (like so many have poijted out) seemd just wrong...

I also noticed that they hacked the thing to pieces, like the segment about blowing the cars over with the 747... there were some really obvious and BAD edits in that segment, where Richard is in the middle of making a point and it just cuts to another point... obviously to avoid the confusion caused by totally removing the other car from the clip...

meh, I will not stop downloading just yet. ( in fact it is just now comming back on in the background.. hehe)
Gaa that was painful.

The camerawork in the studio was annoying and it sounded like jeremy and richard were trying to hold back from their usual fluid banter. And the commercial every 3 minutes or so was absurd. I didn't think you could cut the quattroporte bit in half like that.

And then there was the stig, no power lap board, no clever prague rock or other stig music and only 1 appearance.

And speaking of one appearance, I only counted the word bonnet being used once.

Then again we are spoiled, but i just hope they make a better episode next time. And maybe they can put some alfas in there so as to speed the return of the Alfa :thumbsup:
Even the Americanized episodes are better than nothing. To be honest I quite like the slower frame rate of the computer stuff. 30fps makes it look sort of cheap to me. I wish they'd show a proper episode. Maybe cut out the star in the car to make room for commercials. I've been telling my friends all night to watch it, and I'm watching it again now. Overall, bravo Discovery.
At least its a start for TG in America. Not a bad job either. I noticed the major difference from PAL to NTSC in the studio segments and there were far too many commercial breaks placed in terrible spots... Another thing I found interesting was that it was converted from Widescreen to the regular 4:3 aspect ratio of TV... I still found it interesting. It would be nice to have a "proper" episode, but that most likely won't happen any time soon.
Absolute rubbish. It was the most boring, censored, and politically correct episode of Top Gear ever. The "talk-show" setting was new, but the reviews were just edited versions of 1-3 year old films, with different music and less commentary. For the XKR vs. 645Ci vs. 911 beach comparison, they barely said a word and didn't pick a winner at all. They took away all the elements of what makes Top Gear Top Gear.