TG Russian Edition S.1 Ep.4 (March,15 on air)


Dec 20, 2008
Coming up on March, 15!

"This is going to be a unique episode!

The three hosts get stuntdriving lessons from professionals and do car stunts themselves.

Also you'll see Nikolay Fomenko testing Aston Martin DBS.

This time SIARPC will be a judo fighter Nosov"

Source: phorum and a new topic there.

By the way, we have TG RE producers on phorum answering questions about TG RE. They are users ax5 (chief producer) and Repa (creative producer). And there's a special topic "Questions & Answers about TG RE" (in Russian) where you can leave your questions. So, Russian-speaking fans are welcome there.
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The first completely and utterly original thing for top gear russia.
yes top gear uk has done stunts but with professional stunt drivers, these are going to be done by the presenters themselves.
So should be a really good show to watch, cant wait for next week when the subtitled version comes out.