TG Series 7 **SPOILER**

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sl55 amg

Jan 7, 2005
These scans are from this months TG mag. They tell you about all of the major races, challeges etc. in the upcoming series, from what i can see it's gonna be a great series! :thumbsup:

Nice... Have the rest of the scans? They don't appear on JW anymore...
Thanks for the news! I'm a little bit surprised to really see the Veyron in the line-up, sounds like a great race again :D
What a great series this promises to be! :thumbsup:
The whole series looks awesome. I absolutely don't mind it only being 6 episodes now.
^^ Yep, they really do...

And WTF? James May flying? Richard will be sooo nervous...

I wonder who has picked which Car in the 10000pound challange...

And I simply can't belive May has picked the slowest car AGAIN!!!

Only 6 episodes, but they all look like solid fun, unlike the last season where people actually dared to complain about Top Gear being...boring. Blasphemy! :cry:
They're killing Hammond again! Yay! :twisted:
I really can't wait for the Laguna Seca GT4 challenge. Wonder what JC will say about SoCal?

Edit: May's flying the plane, Hammond's going to be nervous as usual, Clarkson's going to be making fun of Frenchies in an 1000hp whale...this could be the best episode evAr!!!1
Hammond: the human Toyota pickup truck.
I've got something in common with mr may :D (Is that something to be proud about?)

that challenges sounds hella interesting, but all depends on the cruising speed and the winds. Plus this diversion that's talked about... that means flying west / east to circumnavigate the alps (no way in hell do you wanna fly throught the valleys IMO)

I'd say that it's ca. 6-700 Nm, that's roughly 6-7 hours by light aircraft (from the pictures it looks like he's flying a cessna(pussy a/c)) (hah - hammonds gonna love the turbulance light a/c can experience :D)

the bugatti on the other hand.... I'd say 8 or nine, bearing in mind the channel which is a bitch either way you go about crossing it.
if wonder if they have the zonda f or 7.3S
This series will be awesome.

A supercar for ?10,000? hahaha, hilarious.

F430 vs GT vs Zonda, yummy.

ANd May flying, hehehe, that'll be the funniest part of the whole series!!
"No series of Top Gear would be complete without an attempt to kill Richard Hammond. So far we'ev tried to drown him, electrocute him and skewer him in the Pamplona bull run"
^ :lol:

Yeh this series looks great. It has such a uniquly TG feel to it and now I know what remember what a proper Top Gear review of a car is sposed to be like. FG is not TG, TG is in a league of its own!!

thanx SL55AMG!
I feel really stupid for asking this... but when was Hamster drowed? I remember the lightning test but drowning? I only remember the damned boat from last series that bust the rib, when he was driving on a boat/car in Switzerland, him trying to be Jesus and cross the darn lake in Iceland in a nitrous injected super truck... Where else has he been around water (or in it...)? :bangin:
^ which one was he electrocuted in? thats one of the 2 eps that i dont have :(
but he "drowned" he was in a car dropped into a pool. And then he tried getting out while sinking, after sinking, before sinking etc.
OHHHHH THAT ONE! I remeber now! Ah ha! I can't remember exactly which ep the lightning one was, but they took him in some little hatchback to some Germany factory place, I think Siemens or something, which has a machine to simulate lightning. They did a few shots at the car, with petite Hamster inside having a few brown moments and the car seemed to work fine afterwards, and so was he, presumably...
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