TGA Memorabilia


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Sep 23, 2011
Hi all,

If anyone is interested in Top Gear Australia memorabilia used over the last 4 years, watch this space.
Sounds great. I made an offer for the sailboat after one of the Series 3 studio sessions, but it didn't get anywhere.
What's happening with the memorabilia, Rob?
The excel rally car was on ebay last week. Chatted to a rally mate about it and he said it was a decent car for the Excel Series in Victoria or NSW. Think it was only around $3,500.
Found it, Shane's "#69 Jacobson Aussie Whiskey/STD" Excel:

Looks like someone else has been rallying it since.

Started at $2,700, but attracted no bids.

Interesting. It wouldn't help that the most of the pics were upside down. Oopsie. :)

The same seller sold 54 folding chairs and 7 trestle tables. All production stuff I'm guessing.
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If i had the money i'd buy it. As its a log-booked car, as it has ran in a few rallies before.

Cheap parts and they go alright once you get them sorted. A guy i knew put over $80,000+ into his Excel rally car. Full proper welded cage, strengthened the works.