TGR host's Nikolai Fomenko leading a Russian supercar project


Jul 31, 2008

For other pictures including the factory :
The car for people who think the Chrysler 300 and the new Camaro had windows that were too slim.
paint it matte black and it could stand in as the Tumbler's smaller brother.
Marussia appears to have very ambitious goals.

And we know what happens to ambitiousness in the real world...
My humble opinion is that they made both models look rather interesting without directly copying anyone, which is an extreme rarity in Russia. I still think Fomenko is a pompous tool as a presenter, but damn, props for making it happen. I'd love to see a proper "western" review of the car.

I still have nfc how to properly say the name, though :lol:

And there have been a couple other threads about it already.
Pretty much the whole project is kaputt
If someone's still interested in what happened to/with Marussia - original | google translate

They fired all the employees, ~400.000 Euro salary debt, just 4 cars sold since 2007.