TGR Subtitling Project: current status, information

TechZ said:
a bunch of people cannot find enough time in a week to translate 45-50mins of video from Russian to English? What do you guys do, work 80-100hrs a week in your day job or study more than that?

Wow. That was harsh.

Sorry for bringing this up - haven't been here ever since. But I cannot resist commenting on that.

Apart from jobs and studies people usually have a bunch of other hobbies, responsibilities, personal projects and interests.
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Sorry to hear that there will not be any more subbed releases (at least for the moment), as I thought TGR started better than TGA did.

My Russian is confined to naming foods and I have not been able to find any links to the RAWs past Episode 8 even if my Russian was good enough to watch it.
I will stop the melting of Kilimanjaro's glacier for a translation of TGR season 2.
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If anyone is still translating it, I could help out.
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