That tells me a lot


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Sep 25, 2013
While Chris Evans collects expensive Ferrari, paint it white and put it on shelves, Gordon Ramsey don't remember the name of his La Ferrari, etc... Richard Hammond is showing his daughter to drive with Oliver!!!

(From Richard Hammond Facebook)

"Eldest girl has mastered auto. Today we learn clutch and manual. Oh god."

"Oh no, finished with Oliver and now we move on to the big stuff: this how it's gonna be from now on?"

He could spoiled his daughter by buying her a BMW or any expensive car like a lot of people I know do with their kids, but no. He could have all the car he wants but he sticks with Oliver, the wooden one and his Land Rover project.

It means it wasn't scripted and it wasn't for the show. He really loves that car (and his daughter). And that is why I like those three guys, they never show off. May drive a 458 or Clarkson a Mercedes? That is because they really like those cars, not because they are superstars showing off.

Seiing Hammond teaching his girl how to drive might seem boring to some but after seeing Evans cocking around last week it conforts me in my values and rassure me about why we care about those three amigos.

Long live to the Grand Tour!