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The 2007 Lexus LS


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Mar 26, 2005
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Lexus makes some appealing cars especially with their newer models?but, and honestly I?m not just saying this because it?s sort of the ?norm? but they lack persona x 10!!!

It has been the same with almost every car they come out with, I don?t know what it is?I have many ideas as to why I can?t like their cars but it still isn?t as clear to me, maybe I?m the idiot here

Well anyway here are some renditions,

tantalizing arent they. :?


I dont mind the look of it. I'll wait for something official though.

In general I really like Lexus's new styling direction. They dont try and make it look European and it no-longer looks like a Toyota. Good I say!

They are however still NOT substitues for the Germans. Also the ride on the new GS is just 'electric' so god knows what the ride on the LS would be like.
^The rear looks like a 5-Series from the rear
You're telling me that they're not going for a German look anymore?

^The BMW range is not German...its something totally diffrent. Something like this> :? < or this > :bangin: <
i kinda think all the new lexi borrow somthing from the bmw's, Which completely astounds me as i think the direction bmw took was the "ugly" one.
Yeah, they seem to have gotten rid of the design team which focussed on M-B circa 1998.
looks like a huge camry.. bleh
Normally I hate comparing yet-unreleased cars to other cars that are already on the market because of one niggling detail.

But in this case... :shock:


Mein Gott*, it's almost uncanny! Does Bangle have a patent on his "flame surfacing"?

The new LS looks shrunken in that picture anyway. Reminds me of an old Yank tank, somehow...

*I am by no means German, so the handful of Germans on this board will snicker at me incessantly.
Oh, man, that's just a photochop, that may be similar, but that will be sufficiently different to make all these remarks obsolete.