The 2010 South Africa world cup thread!

Yellow card was warranted.

I cant fathom I'm the only one who would afe liked differnt ruels for this championship.
Uruguay vs. Spain
Netherlands vs. Germany
Best wins by the same rules as in the group phase.

I an't remember a world championship with 4 deserving teams. Not in my lifetime. Possibly never again.
I'm cheering for Spain and hope the Netherlands win. Whatever the outcome, it will be 2 winners.

Let's not forget that!
Spain, Netherlands, Uruguay, Germany, what teams! I'm German and I was disappointed, Furlan didn't score that goal.
10 minutes of open play, and the Dutch go back to their dirty tactics.
Omg, those Dutch Wildheads really try to knock Spain out with violence, they got some really serious hardasses. :D
Just listen... no vuvuzela tonight !!!!
I wonder how many Brits are watching Top Gear right now :hmm: :p
Could have been red.

Anybody who says this is a boring match needs his head examined. Same goes for Uru/GR yesterday.

Netherlands/Spain, not one of them is willing to yield an inch. More of this!

Screw TG(sorry Jc, JM, RH), this is life! Nations are watching this!

Just before the match I had 2 cars of the two teams pass beneath my window.
A very old Golf Convertible(I think a C Golf,orange whigs) and an R8(covered in red an yellow, just not the V10 one). I whooped for both. My neighbours possibly think I'm mad. Screw them. As long as Ned or Spain win, it will be the right one.
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This is the dirtiest game I've seen this WC. How the fuck is that De Jong chest kick is not a red card?
This is the dirtiest game I've seen this WC. How the fuck is that De Jong chest kick is not a red card?

It's unbelievable...especially when there were a couple of soft yellows, and then some tackles that should have been yellow but no card. And I may be biased, but give a card to Robben for
The game is great. De Jong deserves a red for his challenge, but I think the ref didn't send him off for the sake of it being a final. He's very very lucky.
FUCKING RED CARD FOR THAT! Cmon! Is this mortal kombat?

I concur with this.

c'mon Netherlands, I want me some sushi today.