The 2010 South Africa world cup thread!

This is a rather rough match. But do not be mistaken.

If you are in the Netherlands, if you are in Spain, the eyes of the world are upon you. I myself would be hard pressed to decide who is the worthiest.

What a finale!

Netherlands undefeated! Spain only lost to suisse(understandable, I cheered for them)! I had a Fat Boy(the meanest, biggest cigar evar) set aside for Germany in the finale. I'm currently smoking that one.

This one is so important I wished FIFA had reactivated Collina. That would have been an epic Oh Shit moment for both teams.
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I feel like I'm watching a movie about submarines... "Dive Dive Dive Dive".
The cat has just fled the room. Me coming over all shouty. It could be a bit annoying.
Neither France, nor Italy, nor England(how do they always turn up when discussing this much class? We will never know.), nor Barazil, nor Argentina could ever hold a candle to this battle.

The dive was exaggerated, the yellow card was warented. It's become apparent that yellow is the new orange.
I'm back to cheering Spain, the fairest sportsmen in the whole championship(close second to Uruguay if Suarez hadn't come all over Maradona, the old male sexual organ head).
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I'm still undecided. This is so evenly matched it boggles the mind!

I can only imagine what it means to be in Spain, the Netherlands at this very moment.
Whoever wins this, it will be history.
But whoever wins this, this battle is historic.

The cat has fled with one bit of the cigar in his mouth. Sneaky bastard. I was going to smoke that as soon as I figured how.
Both teams have pretty good actors but Spain gets my nod. Who incidentally, have the best diver of them all except he isn't playing, Torres. The way he got 1 of the Chile players sent off is bullshit. :/