The 2010 South Africa world cup thread!

game over man, game over. Holland didn't really deserve to win with the amount of bookings and fouls they've had.
OMG! The octapus proved to be right again!
Great not only do the Dutch lose, but Torres goes down with an injury.

People will go on forever and ever about how great Spain played but in reality they hardly had any chances and just kept fiddeling with the ball back and forth.
The pentagon have now kidnapped the octopus.

My theory:

The octopus is actually a shapeshifting alien from the moon of the planet Antares F, who was abandoned on Earth shortly after it's birth. As it has spent it's entire life in the company of octopi, it itself believes it is one. However, one day it's race will come to contact it: and it will realise and bring down our world.
Spain did not really deserve the cup, Netherlands did not really deserve to lose. Nice goal, end of football fever. Thanks South Africa.
Holy mother of octopus. As a reward, Paul will receive a small doll of a Japanese Schoolgirl. I'll post my comments on the world cup a bit later.
Ridiculous dives from Iniesta, but I suppose that was the way of the game.
Congratulations Spain, I guess.