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New details in Dominion suit reveal damning evidence of deception in Fox News' 2020 election coverage​

Dominion Voting Systems' $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News over false 2020 election fraud claims (.pdf)

This is the one exception to my aversion to companies getting sued out of existence. Been there as collateral damage—can confirm, it's not fun! The second owner of the company sucked enough that I took a buyout and left, and don't get me started on the herbs that bought the company after them. It is a fate I do not wish on any other journalistic outlet, even right-leaning ones I don't agree with.

Good thing there's ample evidence that Fox News completely abandoned its journalistic mission so I won't have to feel guilty about wishing them the absolute worst.

Fox News is an absolute cancer upon society as a whole and has made everyone's lives here worse as a result of the BS they routinely put on TV. They're not getting sued over reporting on a random celebrity, but rather, for telling a blatant lie that's fractured family relationships, devolved our national politics into utter nonsense, and degraded the entire profession of journalism as a whole. We now live in a bizarro world where basic facts about our electoral system are no longer accepted by a large chunk of society because Fox didn't have the balls to do its job as a journalistic outlet and refused to stick to honest reporting on the matter. They validated the big lie and demonized other outlets across the industry. Fuck them. Fuck. Them. Rest in piss.

Not that I have any faith in the American justice system to actually hold powerful taintlords to account, but let me dream for a second. Nothing of value would be lost if Fox News went off-air.
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Their still on the hook for obstruction charges:

Smartmatic Vows to ‘Expose the Rest’ of Fox News’ Alleged ‘Misconduct’ After Dominion Settles Massive Lawsuit​

Their still on the hook for obstruction charges:

Ohhhh, I want a very public and embarrassing trial against Fox so much. Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of liars.