The Android thread

I have a Vodafone HTC Magic now for a little while, and I love it. However, if I had a choice now of getting a Droid or a Magic, I'd probably go for the Droid (or Milestone in Europe) - mainly for the better hardware and screen resolution. The only thing I like better about the Magic are the physical Android control buttons (home/menu/back/search) - I just disliked touch buttons on most phones I've encountered so far.

With Android, you want to have a data plan (as with most smartphones, anyway). It is a fair bit costly, but enables a lot of nice things - I use mobile browsing every time I have to wait in a queue or drive in public transport, as well as Google Reader, GMail, Facebook and many other online apps. Also, effortless sync with Google services (contacts, calendar, gmail) is a very nice feature, and works seamlessly.

Nokia N900 dual booting with Android.
I would freak out if my phone did that when I booted it :D
As a Linux user I would like it. I like seeing lots of characters going up the screen. :p
X2. Lots of characters coming up during boot is awesome and is great for scaring the average user.
Htc Hero 2.1 news:
Rumors says the update will be pushed back to the end of march!!

Damn! first I thought it would be around christmas, then february, now end of march! <_<
sudo apt-get install wine?
So er...are there any Stock Apps that could do basically the same thing (and I need them to stream in real time and update constantly.)
If you have a HTC Magic you can now go to HTC's website and download the sense ui :)
I just got the SNES, GBA and GBC emulators from the market. They work like a dream, worth the download.
Playing Pok?mon, Super Mario Deluxe and Mario Kart on my Hero is awesome when I need to wait or when I'm bored :D trackball is perfect for games like that.
^How did you get the rom for the games?
Im kinda lost.....
A Google search for the game you want and "rom" usually works. Alternately, Google for "snes roms" or similar. I've got the emulators as well and they do work quite well, but are somewhat awkward on the Droid.
And then I just put it on to my SD and find it?
I got my games from this site most games are on there and work great :) GBA emulator uses a bios file to work that can be found here and the GBC emulator just needs a game ROM to work ;)

PS: Yes just put it on your sd card, doesn't need to be in a folder.
And then I just put it on to my SD and find it?

Yes. Or you can find the rom while on your phone, download it to the phone and then play the rom straight from where your downloads are saved.