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Thanks :) works perfectly fine now :)
I'm thinking abour rooting my Hero. Has anyone done this to their Android phone?
^No, but I've been considering it too..
^No, but I've been considering it too..

Im just trying to find a really good reason to why I should do it :)
I really want the 2.1 software but then I will loose the sense...
^ I too want the 2.1 update, sadly it has been delayed :(
and you mean it'll lose sense ui? Didn't know about that...
Well, you can get it with sense but I think those roms are quite slow...

Edit: Or might not....
2.1 rom with sense
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So my family is going with Sprint. Now the question is HTC Hero, or Samsung Moment?

The Moments physical keyboard was nice, but the Hero was great size, and light and high quality.

Which versions of Android do each come with, and which is better?

Also whats the processor speeds like. Is it Droid fast?
I'm sick of my phone, as it's breaking and it feels as if it is on it's last throes.

I want a new phone.

I don't want some piece of shit LG crapola flip thing that will break and has no features.

Hence I want the droid. I've played with it a little bit and it looks awesome. I currently have an ipod touch and am fairly used to the UI.

How different is the UI on the droid (I only got a couple minutes of playtime on the droid)? I'm asking in terms of scrolling, selecting, running apps, and doing basic things. From what I saw it looked pretty much the same.

Will it be hard to switch from one UI to the other?

Also, should I do it? I don't care about the cost, I'm buying it using my own hard-earned salary. Plus I'm slated for the new-every-two discount on Verizon (and yes I want the Motorola Droid, not the HTC or any other version).
So my family is going with Sprint. Now the question is HTC Hero, or Samsung Moment?

The Moments physical keyboard was nice, but the Hero was great size, and light and high quality.

Which versions of Android do each come with, and which is better?

Also whats the processor speeds like. Is it Droid fast?

The Hero comes with 1.5 but will get a 2.1 ROM upgrade in march if you don't want to root it allready.
Processor speed on the Hero is good, almost no lagg unless you have a lot of apps open at the same time.
Can't say anything bad about the Hero otherwise.

Don't have any experience with the Samsung Moment though.
Okay, I have read about rooting since I came home from school and this is what im going to do:

First I will do this:

TheUnlockr "Root Hero in one click" (Can be found for allmost all Android phones on their website)

Then I will do this with Modaco 3.1 [Android 1.5:

TheUnlockr "How to load a custom Rom"

And I know it's the 1.5 software but the Modaco software sould be alot faster and alow me to do things like seach by voice and download some more apps. + it's one of the only custom Roms thats as stable as HTC's (as far as I know)

The only reason I want to root my phone is to get paid apps (which I can't normally get in Belgium <_<)
I'll probably go with a 2.0 ROM though, the one you posted yesterday. I've read some good things about it too.
I have too. But theres still quite a lot of things that don't work... Or things that is unstable....

Madaco is working on the 2.1 and with the 1.5 im quite sure you can get paid apps too :)
My Diamond is set up for dual boot now as well. A very very very light windows mobile rom for updating android and acting as a backup os in case I fuck something up, and a 01. 22. 2010 build of Eclair for Diamond by the lovely geeks over at XDA-Developers, but updated to today's kernel, which seems a bit faster. There's stuff still missing, like opengl (so animations are a bit choppy), camera, gps and proper battery life (I get about 12 hours atm), but it's so much better than standard winmo already, it's unbeleivable. I have about a year to go on my contract before I can buy a Hero and I think running Android on the Diamond has made the wait a bit more bearable.

I still find myself watching this vid every week or so, though. :D

Okay, now im rooted! :D

It's running fine and it's a little faster :)

Now im trying to find out how to open for some more apps since theres no more than before....

Oh and! Seach by voice! yay! :D
Hmm, this new kernel seems to have better power management. Hooray!
Joined the Cult of Android. I got a Samsung Moment, and the parentals got a HTC Hero and a Blackberry Tour, but my mom will undoubtedly switch to Android when she realizes how awesome it is. She has 30 days to make up her mind no problems.

Suggest me some apps. Ive got Slacker Radio because thats my internet radio of choice, and ATK to kill the mem wasters. Dont tweet so no need, but anything useful like media management/video player would be nice. Something that can play .avi's and shit.
Dunno about video, as that's not fully supported on the Diamond yet (need opengles first), but this is the list of apps I use:

Abduction (platform jumping survival game thingy)
aCar (tracks your fuel consumption and service intervals)
AndChat (irc client)
Androtris (tetris)
Astro (file explorer)
Google Translate
Juice Defender (disables 3G and wifi when the screen is off, only enabling it infrequently to check for pushed emails - saves battery life)
Meebo IM (for msn)
Quickpedia (light wikipedia)
Weather Widgets
ShootMe (takes screenshots)
Hero Clocks (big analog clock for your home screen)
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Photoshop Mobile
Flying High
Dolphin Browser
Advanced Task Killer
Beautiful Widgets (HTC Sense-inspired clock/weather/date widget and switches for wifi, bluetooth and stuff)
Barcode Scanner (a must-have on Android)
Google Places Directory
Google Maps
Vodafone QuickCheck
Torrent-fu (remote control for ?Torrent and Transmission clients)
Mileage (same functions as aCar)
Shazam (recognizes music titles by listening to them... useful sometimes)
wpToGo (Wordpress admin app)
Google Goggles (takes a camera picture, recognizes whatever recognizable content there is and searches Google - quite good, actually)
Simple Scrobbler
and Solitaire :)
Thought Google Maps came as standard... Just installed Google Places, our company is actually listed in it. o_O I should investigate further. What Solitaire are you using? I haven't found a good one yet, there's always SOMETHING wrong with all of them.

Also, the port I'm running is getting better and better. Just got 24 hour uptime.
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