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Ahh, then it might have the same problem.

I guess it also depends on whether or not TechZ intends to use a cover.
I somehow expected something like that.
It's the Xperia sola, "soft matte plastic" back.

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Ahh, then it might have the same problem.

I guess it also depends on whether or not TechZ intends to use a cover.

I'd rather use only a clear back cover, makes sense since the white looks good. But I take care of my stuff, so not having a cover (but will def get a screen protector) isn't an issue.
My ancient LG Shine broke in a way that made it nearly unusable so I decided to get a smart phone and went with the HTC One X.
I got to play with it for all of 10 minutes before I had to go into work (I work in a secure facility, so no phones allowed inside). It is a chunky phone but it is lighter than my ancient LG and the display is freaking sweet. The camera is pretty good as well.
The Evo V 4G would be your best bet out of those. It has a 1.2GHx dual-core processor, dual 5 megapixel rear cameras and a 4.3" qHD screen. Also, it ships with Android 4.0 and Sense 3.6.

But if you get a chance, actually play with all of your choices in a store and see which one you enjoy the most.

Thanks for your input. I definitely will play around with each phone a little before i actually buy one. My dilemma now is, I know the eve v 4g has better specs, but is it $100 better? I don't lay games on my phone. Just phone calls, texts, email and light web browsing.
You'll really appreciate the bigger screen when browsing the web and if 4G arrives in your area the download speed will be noticeable too. Having almost twice as much RAM as the One V is also enough to justify spending the extra money in my opinion.
Er...I don't get does nothing for on my phone, my PC nor my laptop.
Oh boy, the urge to flash JB gets stronger each hour...
What UI does it use? Google TV, stock ICS or something custom?

I ordered one and it arrived today. When you press the home button it asks if you want to use the "Launcher" or "Main Screen Theme" and has the usual box to tick if you want to set your choice as the default. Choosing "Launcher" takes you to the stock ICS launcher and picking "Main Screen Theme" takes you to a simplified custom interface.

So far it is playing files my WD wouldn't and I haven't needed to download MoboPlayer or the new VLC Beta from the Play Store.
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Hmm, got offered a Galaxy Nexus for cheap. Kind of tempted to get it for Jelly Bean if nothing else.
Galaxy Nexus is also $350, unlocked. When did that happen? o_O

Anyone planning to pick one up at that price? I was planning to upgrade my old piece of sh*t galaxy s 4g to the s3, but with the nexus at this price, idk if the s3 is worth the extra money despite being an overball better phone. thoughts?
I'm toying with the idea of finally getting myself a smartphone, too. After a bit of research I'm thinking Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus or HTC One S.
I've already read a bit about each, but as a complete smartphone noob it's hard for me to judge how they actually compare to each other.