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The Nexus 4 has DC-HSPA+, which has a theoretical maximum of 42.2 Mbps, and real-world performance in the 20-25 Mbps range, which is the same as your One XL.
This, although, to be fair..Dual Carrier HSPA+ isn't exactly prevalent in the US yet with only T-Mobile deploying it so far as a stopgap/ unlocked iPhone customer perk. Dunno about everywhere else.

Google wants no carrier intervention for updates which is impossible when you must work with the carriers to get access to their LTE networks. Sprint and Verizon's LTE Galaxy Nexus handsets suffer from delayed updates from the GSM variants because the carriers insisted upon approving each update. Since Sprint and Verizon are CDMA networks primarily, there's no way around having to get their blessing for your handset to work on their network. AT&T's LTE rollout is limited at best and on a different frequency than other LTE networks. So they too would need a bespoke handset.

Creating those handsets doesn't come cheap either, esp. when carriers apparently won't help with the cost.

The Verge has more on this:

It's a very good read.
Android 4.2 is awesome! I really like the new clock and lock screen thingymajigs. But best part if the new keyboard. Wooosh!
The new daydream mode means I need a docking station.

Maek docking stations for N7 nao Asus/Google! You have been and are selling millions of these, yet there isnt even a docking station that utilizes the built in pogo pins! That's why Apple makes more money than you do! Accessories!
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Hmm not good news

Owner of CyanogenMod Domain Shutting Down Sites After Asking Team for $10,000

The CyanogenMod team took to their blog and Facebook page a few minutes ago to explain some shocking news to the Android community. Back in the day, before CyanogenMod was the huge name that we know of it today, was purchased and donated to the CM team since things were smaller back then. The same person has been in charge of the large domain for the past 3 years, but that person is now erasing Cyanogen?s website and shutting things down across the web as we speak.

In their blog post the team says that the owner of the domain name was caught impersonating Steve Kondik, the creator of CyanogenMod, and using that false name to do some shady referral deals. The team approached the owner to ask to take control of the domain and he declined, saying that he would like $10,000 for it. Something that the CM team neither had the money to do or wanted to do in the first place.
They've transitioned to for the time being. The issue will sure cause confusion and the loss of the domain is a pain, but I believe this will not hurt the mod itself in a significant way. And "the person" in question will be pretty surely deanonimized by the internet quickly (if it hasn't happened already), and this will surely not do him/her much good.

Update And, sure enough, the issue was resolved: domain is back under control of the Cyanogenmod team, now serving as a permanent redirect to, that will remain the main domain name now. The blew over faster than I expected it to.
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Got 4.2 on my N7, im liking the swype gestures and some of the changes, but they removed the nice dock clock, i guess a dock isnt happening at all :/
i havent seen anything like it yet, but sites say it wont be live yet for N7s since the 4 and 10 came with 4.2 and then got updated for daydream, so im probably a minor update away from it
My Galaxy Nexus got it when it updated to 4.2 yesterday. It's under Settings->Display-Daydream for me, and it has a clock option.
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Honestly that's the reason I kinda want one because it's rugged considering I'm always in the shop working on the car so yeah..
but you could always get a otterbox or other brand rugged case. It all depends on your needs...if you're one who loves to tinker and wants wide developlent support + super custom ROM's from the community then you would best be served with a non moto device.