The Android thread

Just replaced my aging Galaxy S7 with a Huawei Mate 10 Pro and I'm happy so far.


I have had the S7 for 2 years and it was time to retire it. The screen had several cracks and the battery was down to 2100 mAh of the original 3000 mAh capacity, so it barely made it through the day even on power save mode.

Constantly having to worry about running out of juice sucks so a great big battery was one of my main criteria for a new phone. I don't do anything particularly demanding with my phone so no need for an expensive top of the line flagship.

The new Nokia 7 Plus looked promising with a 3.800 mAh battery and nice specs all round for a good price (€399). Then i noticed the Mate 10 Pro on sale from my carrier for € 450 which is almost half the price of a Galaxy S9 with a much better battery.

Spec wise my only gripe is no SD slot, but then it has 128 GB build in, so it should be enough. The battery life has been amazing with it's 4.000 mAh and frugal hardware. I struggle to get it under 50 % during a full days use. It must be said that the EMUI launcher and bloatware they put on top of Android is much worse compared to my S7, but I'm not too picky with the interface and it is still Android underneath after all.
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