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The Apple Silicon discussion and experience thread

Okay, this is the first Apple event where I had three devices that I would see announcement of updates for. Well, it turns out it's just two after all, as Apple Watch S5 is getting dropped. :(
Is it just me, apart from Apple Intelligence, was there anything interesting unveiled today?
I really like the additions they’ve announced for fitness on Apple Watch… but that’s even more niche and minor than the iPad calc, I’ll admit 🤣
I also rather like the iPad calculator…
And the whole AI crap is a fairly big deal imo - cause they’re actually trying to make it usefully integrated and putting most of it local is a good spin.
At first I figured the 1password guys might be sweating (or swearing) right now. Yes, I know there are other password managers but 1password is the one Apple people use. I first used it when the main repository lived on your Mac and syncing happened via iTunes and USB. After a while, LAN sync became a thing so the Mac and iOS app could talk to each other over your wi-fi. It's obviously been cloud based since forever, but I'm old.

And now Apple launched a Passwords app that also runs on Windows. But it seems you have to install iCloud and the kitchen sink on Windows to get the Passwords app, so I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet if I was 1password.