The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

Hey, look, a weirdly bulbous aircraft is taking off. Isn't that neat, I should record this.

Uh, uh, shit! I should call someone.

Imagine being the pilot getting the call mid flight telling you that the wheel isn't where it belongs.
Probably has a tire pressure and brake temperature monitoring on the EICAS, so would be visible pretty much straightaway.
Fifty years ago today the Airbus A300, the first Airbus, had it's maiden flight. That was the beginning of the success story of Airbus in general, even though only Air France and Lufthansa bought the A300s. According to wikipedia there are 197 of 561 A300s are still in service today, then again the A300 has been in production up until 2007.
I read the headline about the collision earlier, and assumed the B-17 was on the ground, and was bummed for the plane. But now...shit, it was manned...damn.
Not only that, it seemed you could pay for rides in it :(
Since we don't have an idiots and planes thread.