The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

The official story is he came home from a day of testifying and shot himself in his car inside the hotel parking area.

Supposedly he had just finished being questioned by the Boeing attorneys, the next day he was to be cross-examined by the DOJ (so the attorneys friendly to him). Cross examination is where some really interesting stuff can come out, and he was done with the hardest part of the testimony. The timing of this is highly suspicious, especially for a company that seems fine putting tens of thousands of people at risk with faulty aircraft.
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Looks like a great way to bend an airframe.
Due to the recent eclipse, some articles were unearthed from shallow graves by redditors, so I stumbled upon this:

YouTube video explaining it:

Excerpt from a French documentary (with link to full version in the description):

Awesome example of "because we can" science. I like the precise planning of the flight window. :D
U2 currently in flight at 60000'

Nice callsign.