The awesome boats thread

How do you get entire hull sections from Airbus facilities in Europe to the final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama?

You could use your existing fleet of Beluga XLs, but that wouldn’t be cost-effective. So you use awesome boats instead!

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For sure a slap in the face of sailing purists, salty yachties and oldschool marina commodores, but still a somewhat cute idea: No-engine houseboats designed to look like purposeful sea-going ships:

And when you think "ah, cute CGI renders but no real substance", they actually built one so far:



Cute or stupid? You decide. I like the idea. (y) :D
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I saw where they were stopping in some UP towns. None of them have docks for cruise ships, so they will be tendering everyone to and from shore.

To the best of my knowledge, the only docks on the Great Lakes to fit that ship are the docks that ore ships use. They are about a month early though, we are still waiting for spring in Southern Michigan.
Did I mention, not even of a resident of the Great Lakes states, I'm not a fan of the cruise ships on them?

Do you mean cruise ships in general?
Do you mean cruise ships in general?

Yeah, really, that's probably the right attitude. Though, I have been on a cruise to Mexico a couple times. It's actually a pretty interesting way to get from A to B. We did take the SS Badger ferry across Michigan (from the Michigan side to Wisconsin), that was a fun little trip too.
Like Nick's (Aquaholic) yacht walkthroughs. And I also like this yacht, but not for the overdesigned looks in- or outside (it's a bit tacky), but what I do like is the unusual layout with the two guest cabins at the end of the boat wich allows for a massive engine room midships:

Yeah he's good. And every time he does a sailing yacht, he feels the need to explain why those have two helm stations. It seems his audience is more motorboat centered. :D
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