The Awesome Guitar Solo Thread

The quality of a Guitar-solo usally is inverse to the contemporaryness of the guitar-players hairstyle ...
The Purple One might be an egotistical maniac and and asshole to the bone who took it all to far/ but boy, could he play guitar...
I think I've been at that very concert! :)
So was a buddy, and he called while they were playing. :p
Advance to 21:27
This thread is not over before a certain Mr. Blackmore makes his contribution:

As long as you leave his wife out of it.
For me it will always be this one:

(skip to 5min for the solo)

I know it's not the fastest, most technical solo in the world. But his pacing, his feel for melody is just unbelievable!
I've always been a fan of Robert Fripp's haunting work (skip to ~2:30):

No one posted this? Great solo to ever be played with one note!