The "Ban the Person Above You" Game


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Feb 19, 2007
The Eastern state where you can't fill your tank
Whichever car is still working
In this game, one takes on the roll of a pseudo-moderator, and "bans" the person above them for any inane reason. Get creative (no boring reasons). And so, to kick this off...

Ban me.

(I get the feeling that if Mopar Man joins in, Le Mans GTR, if he times it right, will ban him for being a n00b. And guess who'll ban him next?)
Your name implies that you represent our country. Banned.
You're from Holland.
The people who block our roads with their caravans. (just like today)
Your laptime on the ring is faster than mine, ban.
You didn't give a proper reason for the ban, BANNED!
Don't make me break out the ban hammer on you too. :eek:
I should carry on the game, but c'mon, it's Viper above me. I can't ban our fearless leader!!
You have smilies in your signature. Ban!
You started this game and got us all banned, BAN!
Don't make me break out the ban hammer on you too. :eek:


BTW, thanks for the title, Viper.

Edit: NAIDANAC A, you are 330 posts above 1,337 posts. Ban.