The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

You're from alberta, and all that is in alberta is flat and extreme tempuratures.... BAN!
There is a american car wasting fuel on your avatar, BAN!
When said aloud your name sounds like a third rate rapper.

You live in a state with retarded smog laws. Ban. :p
You posted worthless images of yellow. Ban.
I've had a shit month and need to take it out on someone, ban!
You dream of owning a Volvo 850 2.0l! Why not something more exotic. Ban!
For not being bothered to find a Avator with a TG fin, where is your patriotism
14 Day BAN. Look a bit harder next time.
For living in the North and using too many American words. Fin? Soccer Mom? Spoiler or Wing, and Footballer's Wife in Britain. You are supposed to be English!
You didn't use the word "ban," so I'm using it on you. ban.

Edit: vRS, what the hell is wrong with your sig?
the car in your sig is driven by two blokes who took each other out in today's race (sort of)... BANNNNNNNNNN!