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The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

Banned because it isn't fun being depressed.
Banned for thinking everything should be fun, in your little shell of happiness. Have you ever stopped to think what's the point of life? There is none, we live and we die. There's no meaning behind it. How pointless is that? :(

Banned for making me depressed.:p
Banned for making me depressed too
Banned because mine is only smiling as it punched me in the face.
Banned because it happened when I was born, so I couldn't resist.
Banned because Rush Limbaugh says so.
Banned for confuse! I thought Rush Limbaugh was an ?ber right, no?
Banned for being correct but not realizing that my ban was to block the ban of anyone who intended to ban freeferrarisdonotexist for mentioning Rush Limbaugh and therefore push the afore mentioned liberal agenda.
Banned for taking twenty minutes to enlighten me on that fact.
Banned for having the lights on. Turn them off, I'm trying to sleep!!!
Banned for not noticing that I never said ashspet was a vampire.
Banned for bringing gothic novels into this. I never mentioned anything to do with fiction, and you had to bring it up. If you don't ban yourself in the next 24 hours, you'll get banned by me. Again.