The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

Banned for refuing to ban yourself or apologise for bringing up vampire fiction. You're banned. By me. Again.
Banned for being wishy-washy in your location description, man up and pick a place already!
Banned because it's actually a matter of debate. You see, I live on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Technically, my house is just over the Derbyshire border, though we still have Nottinghamshire phone numbers and postal codes. As Nottinghamshire is where I go to school/shopping/etc. I like to think I live in Nottinghamshire, even though that's technically untrue.
Banned for still not apologising for bringing up vampire fiction.
Banned for having a friend who still likes Twilight. I thought everyone got over that craze now.
Banned with not considering some of your classmates as friends.
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Banned for both the sake of monopolising this page alongside you and because you don't know my classmates at all and what hateful people some of them can actually be.
Banned for not learning to appreciate everyone for what they are. Very few of my classmates are perfect, but I still like them enough.
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All Banned for a whole bunch of lame bans
Banned for complaining of lame-ness
Banned for using a hyphenated word