The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

Banned for discovering I accidentally let the truth slip.
Banned for being delusional and believing that the TRUTH has any place on the Internet
Banned for believing that the truth can ban me, when it can only set me free
Banned because the TRUTH can do justice. It can set people free, or it can lock them up.
Banned for believing truth in only a purely physical sense, and discounting the metaphysical sense
Banned because I see your point, so therefore as I have nothing else to ban you for I'm going to ban you for turning a conversation about darkshark's wiki-vandalism into a deep philosophical probe into the effects of truth.
Banned for thinking there should be a limit on the length of a ban.
Banned because this man would care to disagree.

Banned from the NSFW forum for only being 14.
Banned for redundant ban. Look at my User Profile, I never joined the group "I want to read the NSFW forum" in the first place.
Banned, because you have a second, secret account for getting your fill. :evil:
WHAT? No! Of course xicedlovexoxo isn't me in disguise. You're banned for that!
Banned for disregarding the "Be Kind, Rewind" sticker on the back of that DVD you rented last week.

EDIT: Wait, are you even old enough to know what that means?
Urr... well no. Care to explain?

Oh, and banned for having a dirty mind. Probably.
Banned for thinking dirty. NSFW just stands for Never Saturated in Fat or Worcestershire sauce.