The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

Banned because pokemon related stuff is completely lost on me!
Banned because Hive is viewing this thread right now. He's going to love how Poke I've turned. :lol:
I hate how poke you've become. Banned Banned and MEGA BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, let Hive see it! Banned.
No. Banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go sit in the corner with the other Poke-fans.
Banned as, due to my recent insomnia, I am no longer a Pokemon. I am a zombie.

I'm safe then, for I have none. And Zombies aren't welcome here. Banned.
Zombies are ALWAYS welcomed here. Banned!
Banned for talking about trains. Go elsewhere to do that. Like a platform somewhere. OUT.
Banned because: 1) I'm not a Pokemon fan, and 2) Why can't they talk about trains if they want?
Because 1) me neither and 2) they can, just not here. Banned.
Banned because I'm not really much of a Pokemon fan either, I just like annoying ashspet. :p
Well in that case. You are 100% absolutely finally eternally banned. Thou shalt respect thy elders you young whippersnapper!!!
Yes I am. There was a memo. You are now banned to within an inch of your life.
I'm the Overlord and thus the boss of all of you, so get back to work you lazy minions. Banned.
It's a public holiday :tease: no work. Banned.

(well, I'm going to work, but everyone else won't be there)