The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

Have you been watching the news, craziness is abundant these days. Banned.
Banned for not going out there and straightening it all out
They need to sort themselves out, not wait until someone does it for them. Banned.
Like that ever happens. Now go and tell them to behave! You're banned until they do.
That's what you think. Banned.
It's what I KNOW! Banned for now and evermore
Oh it exists, it really does. So beware, this ban I am handing you may turn into one :p
You are banned until you have done my taxes for me and gotten me a huuuuuuuuuuuuge refund (legally).
Banned for posting insufficient kitteh pics
I do not own a cat to post pictures of!

Banned for not having a cat! They are most awesome.

Banned for not having a Bengal!
You, sir, are banned for believing that I have the capacity to donate anything, let alone a Bengal!