The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

Banned for not granting an allowance for my disability!
Banned for allowing this thread to be inactive for a month.
You're banned for being a slackarse
I have a life beyond this place which keeps me busy, your claim is unfounded. Banned.
Even in 2 months you could drop past. Banned!
I'm not the only game forum user, someone else could easily have stepped up. Banned.
Banned for missing the point!
The one who missed the point here is you. Banned.
Once again, you are incorrect. Banned until you can get it right!!!
This thread has been in limbo for nearly a year, this is unacceptable . Banned.
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You're banned for being a slackarse
Says the person who left the tread in limo for a year. Banned.
I blame the autocorrect. Banned for sticking your tongue out and being cheeky.
You should have double-checked what autocorrect gave you. Banned for blame displacement!
There is no replacement for displacement. Banned.
Banned for sexual harassment.
Banned for pinching your balls