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The Battle is on! Should jasonchiu write properly or not?

The Battle is on! Should jasonchiu write properly or not?

  • Nah, da kid iz right. Ma broz luv ?im, gedit?

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  • Yes! Asiangangst is not my second language!

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  • Who cares? I don?t read what he posts anyway...

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Y'all got any lamps?
May 19, 2005
I don't drive, I fly.
Right. I know this was coming. Well, let?s go then.
see this is what ticks me off.

eyeliner right here wants me to flame him.

i;m not coz i dont wanna get ban'd but if i;m allowed, please i am more than happy, maybe we should all join a msn conv. and flame, but not here, i have already had enough stick from being blamed for all this

even i havent made a damm thread for flaming and look what the new person has chosen to introduce himself :roll:
Dear Jason:
Thank you so so much. I was so eager to get a little attention on this forum, and you provided me with a golden chance! :thumbsup:
How can I ever repay you?
Thank you!
god knows now eyeliner has chosen to destroy my efforts by making 2 threads, one for flaming and one for negative critics that dont help what so ever with u helping along bihus:x
jasonchiu said:
u can leave and never come back ;)

NOW you broke my heart..... :cry:

If I say I?ve been studying Mandarin for the last 2 years, will you forgive me? :(
hey what was the need to bring in the fact that i am chinese in to the thread eh? yeah i;m going i;ll look forward to what eyeliner does with his primetime
I?m not racist! It?s true!
Damn, don?t you have any sense of humour? :oops:
I just can?t believe how could you be so silly. Can?t you take a joke for Christ?s sake?

And yes, I DO study Mandarin, and yes I DO LOVE CHINESE CULTURE! :(
no i cant at the mo. i rather some constructive comments eyeliner. this would have all been prevented if u had chose NOT TO MAKE THIS WORTHLESS THREAD. argee'd? what have we gained from this. this is as productive as getting a fish to speak english
Redliner, there's already a thread about that, if you want him to start acting correcty, pissing him off isn't a good solution. Let's keep it to constructive criticism in the proper thread please.
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