The Belgrade Phantom


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Feb 19, 2007

I've spotted a torrent of this on a few trackers, so some of you Anglos might want to check it out.

It's basically a docu-movie about an event back in the 1970's communist Yugoslavia, when some great driver guy stole a white Porsche 911s and drove it around town, playing with the police ( who were driving poor underpowered FIAT's ). The Police had a guy nicknamed "Fangio", gave him a powerful Ford, and sent him to catch the Phantom.

This is a true story, with lots of extremely ugly people describing the events and participants. The idiots who made this film completely disregarded the Phantom's friends who described the Phantom as a cheerful guy, and cast some gay emo dude for the role of a silent sociopath :?

There are a few nice shots here and there, a lot of superfluous monologues and scenes, but it's kinda worth watching because all of that really happened. If you can't find the subtitles, you can at least skip to the scenes where the white Targa Porsche humiliates the cops.

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