The Best Fastfood Chain?

The Best Fastfood Chain?

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Dec 7, 2004
We're finally gonna need a car where we're going.
As the title says, what fastfood chain do you prefer?
McDonalds. I know its terrible for me, but i love it and i don't know why. Its like Harley-Davidsons, i know their just over-sized American pieces of crap, but for some reason i love them.

However the best Burgerking meal i ever had would probably be better then the best McDonalds meal, but Burgerking around here is extremely inconsistent, as is White Castle, which would probably be the best food ever (forget fastfood.) If White Castle could figure out how to actually make burgers consistently good i'd probably spend 1/2 my time their. I probably only get a proper White Castle burger 1/10 times though, but its worth the gamble.
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Burger King, the only fast food restaurant I ever go to.
Tripple whopper ftw. Too bad they dont have them in Belgium :(
I'm gonna have to go with Wendy's as well. I used to work for them, and unlike most people's experiences with working Fast Food, I came out with a more positive impression of them as a chain. Burgers are never frozen, Salads and Chili and baked Potatoes are all made fresh daily, Fries have a mandatory 20minute rotation before they're supposed to be tossed, etc.
Rubios. Don't know if you can call it a fastfood chain but it's fast and they serve food, and they have chains all over the country.
Wendy's for me. Their food actually tastes like food unlike the petrochemical products you get from McDonalds and Burger King.
Hamburgers - In-N-Out
Mexican - Del Taco
Chicken - Chik-Fil-A or Wendy's
Chinese - Pick-Up Stix
I just lost some respect for you.:(

I can't help that nobody else does a good roast beef sandwich.
I do stop at Rax on the occasion I can find one on the interstate, but their's are a bit greasy.

Oh yeah, I despise Arby's Melts; they ruin a perfectly good sandwich by covering it in cheese. :cry:
I like Wendy's the best as well. It also helps that there is one 2 miles from me :)
In n' out
Theres a few in arizona now, but they just aren't as good as the ones in california.
KFC, woot! I love my fried chicken...but even so, ironically enough their cole slaw is the best I've ever had. Every time I go there I make it a point to get a big tub of it.

Wendy's is overrated - I give them credit for making their food fresh, but it's still pretty bland. And their fries are thoroughly disgusting, I wouldn't feed them to my neighbor's dogs.

I wish In-N-Out would open a branch in New England, I'd make a pilgrimage there every week.

I just lost some respect for you.:(
Their curly fries are a godsend! :mad:
None, I never eat at fastfood places, coz they are shit. End of....

I'm starting to come around to that point of view. Still, it sucks when its the only type of food you can afford.
other: none.

I went to Mc Donalds and pizza hut once, and hated both. Unfriendly, silly clothed staff. Unclean bathrooms with greasy signs telling the staff to wash their hands. Dirty tables and uncomfortable chairs. Twice as much garbage as food. Watery cola in paper mugs. Food looks much better on picture too and makes you want to vomit once you start realising what you are eating.
I'm very glad here in Belgium we (still? :/) have lots of private owned locations for cheap food, like the "frietkoten" where you can get real fries.