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The best songs of 2005

Hmm lets see:

Dream Theater - Overature 1928
Dream Theater - Erotomania (the song has nothing to do with the title)
Liquid Tension Experiment - Three Minute Warning
Audioslave - Out of Exile (title track)
Dropkick Murphys - Sunshine Highway
Coldplay - Square One (the token Coldplay song)
I guess it's Interpol - Evil over here.
And some songs of the new cd of Rammstein like Mann Gegen Mann and Feuer und wasser.

I discovered a lot of good music for the rest, but that's old music :)
1) Korn - Politics
2) The Bloodhound gang - Uhh tis...
3) Anything made by Astrix

(... Coldplay is overrated!)
I'm still diggin' the Audioslave album. There are a number of songs I heard on the radio which were pretty cool, but I don't know the names or artists (can't recall).

I do remember the song which I think could be the worst song of 2005...

Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
Well being a Club Dj all my songs will be dance related.
There were so many great Club hits this year!

Black Fras- Moving into Light (Freemasons mix)
Ferry Corsten-Fire (Flashover mix)
Dogzilla-Without You (12" mix)
1) admiral freebie - lucky one (i so wanne see this dude life!)
2) absynth minded - my heroics
3) deus - 7 days, 7 nights

anyone (not belgian) knows admiral freebie? i heard he's getting off the ground in scandinavia, austria and switserland (he must like snow or sth :?)

and what do you think of the darkness - on way ticket to hell and back?
eache i heard it i think it's meatloaf who made a comeback :x
i once heard a life show on the radio, i first taught it were the rolling stones playing :shock:
1. Bloc Party- Banquet
2. Kaiser Cheifs - I predict a riot
3. Hard-fi - Middle eastern Holiday
4. The Bravery - Honest Mistake
5. Oasis - The importance of being idle
6. Gorillaz - Dare
7. Foo Fighters - D.O.A
8. White stripes - Blue orchid
9. Franz Ferdinand - Do you want to?
10. El Presidente - Rocket
Coldplay - Fix You
Jamie Cullum - 21st Century Kid
Micheal Bubl? - Feeling Good