The Biden Years


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Sep 6, 2008
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With the new guy finally getting acknowledged as winning (well, sort of), it is time to post news that is related to him here.

The first news is that he was injured and went to the ER to get checked out. At first there was no apparent fractures, but a few hairline fractures were found upon a later scan. This seems to of happened while Biden was playing with his dog. Here is the press release from the dog.


It is sure nice to have a group coming in that has something of a sense of humor.
I look forward to seeing much more of Jim Carrey! :mrgreen:

I don't. I liked Jason Sedekis's much better.

As much as I generally dislike Maya Rudolph, though, I think she's great for Kamala.

I'm just glad we're (hopefully) done with Alec Baldwin's trump. That wore pretty thin.

I'm curious who Kate McKinnon will be playing in the new administration. No more Giuliani, no more RBG...still Lindsey Graham, though.
Here is some good news for the day.

While both sides seemed like they would have agreed for him to be on the Supreme Court, this position also makes sense, as the leader of the Oklahoma City bombing prosecution at the state DOJ, prosecuting a domestic terrorist.
Biden is nominating Renata Hesse, who worked at Amazon and Google to head the DOJ's antitrust division. I think this may be letting the fox guard the henhouse.
It is pretty much like when Trump got Betsy DeVos to head education, yes.
It is pretty much like when Trump got Betsy DeVos to head education, yes.
Or Ajit Pai being the FCC boss after being a lawyer for Verizon.
Or Ajit Pai being the FCC boss after being a lawyer for Verizon.

Or Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Damn...doesn't that feel like a dog's age ago? I had to remind myself if he was under Trump or G.W. Bush, because it honestly felt like that long ago...
The underlying logic is sound. If you need to regulate an industry it makes sense that you would put someone who knows that industry inside and out in charge of it to ensure sensible regulation which acts upon the best interests of both the industry and the people at large.

Unfortunately, this logic is generally placed nicely next to communism in the "It works right until people are added to the equation" folder.
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Yup, the same discussion I was having with my brother 4 years ago. It’s not that I want someone who doesn’t know politics to be a leader, it’s that I want someone who hasn’t been corrupted by bribery/lobbying.
Bernie’s mittens

I read through his list of day-one executive orders, and I don't really disagree with any. I thought I did one of them, until I read a little more and it seemed reasonable-enough that I could see a normal human being could be for it (and I myself could also possibly be swayed with more knowledge about it). It was a part of the Census action, specifically including non-citizens in the population counts used to determine congressional representation. I needed a reminder that, "non-citizen" doesn't necessarily mean "illegal alien", and includes all sorts of folks like non-citizen permanent residents, people going through the long long long citizenship process, etc.
Yeah they're all pretty solid. Particular favorites of mine were the Census one, cutting the border wall funding off, and reversing the Muslim ban. The white nationalists can suck a fat one.
^Fireworks :cool:

Let's all just assume he thinks the same thing of the Geneva Convention. We'd probably be closer to the truth than if we didn't.
Again with that Paris/Pittsburgh thing. He obviously wasn't paying attention to the local backlash when Trump pulled out of the Agreement saying he represented "Pittsburgh, not Paris" and garnered a lot of hate here because we didn't vote for him and the local yokels that did don't like Pittsburgh.