The Biden Years

Some reports that probably every American executive and engineer working in China’s chip industry resigned yesterday.

If they work in China's chip industry they lose their green card.

Huge if this true.


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Well...technically, he was the only vote, so it did pass "by a vote or two". :lmao:
I've noticed recently that an Aussie (branch?) of media, Who I thought were better than that, have started running a bunch of articles suggesting he has dementia or saying he's not fit to be president, and so forth. I haven't seen them post anything unbiased for ages. Quite disappointing.

Forced to take a shitty deal that they already voted down. Why wasn't a better deal passed? (The House did, but it didn't pass the Senate) Why didn't the railroad companies get ordered back to the bargaining table? Now the Republicans will latch onto this and say that the Democrats are anti workers.

This was done in haste, with almost no real consideration for the consequences.
AG Garland is announcing the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the documents.