The Big Rig thread!

My supervisor called a few days ago and offered me my own truck.

2013 MB Actros 1842 with an ECU remap and I think I also get that trailer, a new Schmitz Cargobull.

Congratulations! Having your own truck to go to is extremly nice. It is always good to know what condition your truck is in.
Own truck as in owned by you or as in company truck exclusively used by you? I think the latter?
Own truck as in owned by you or as in company truck exclusively used by you? I think the latter?

Do I look like I give a truck?
truck off!

and have fun with it. Remap sounds good.
I would guess you're the main operator of it. On your weeks off, someone else is driving it because it needs to be moving to make money. But you always get the same truck when you're on the job.
I always refused to work under any other conditions.....I mean you are spending 12-14 hours a day in that thing on average, getting into all sorts of situations....and getting yourself out of them in cases, you need a rig you know inside and out.....another unknown damn POS every day? No fucking thanks.

You know, on that point, you can call me silly or nuts, but out of the old life? I don't miss a damn thing, no coworkers, fucking hell no clients, not the stupid hours or the unpredictability, not even the adventure, nothing except my old truck.
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I usually feel like someone who knows a lot about commercial vehicle joint ventures, but tonight is the first time i've seen evidence of a DINA-Western Star rebadge effort, likely in the late 90s or early 2000s.


This one seems to have made it to somewhere where they also sold scanias of the same era (see the extreme left):


From what I understand, DINA stopped selling trucks of any time not long after that.
Pretty sure that white lorry on the left is an MAN, not a Scania ... ?
Yup, previous generation MAN TGM/TGA looks like.
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Ah wow after I give it a second look you're right. I was thinking that Orange truck might have been in Mexico, but this rules that out, I think.
Why does it look like a Kenworth, but in a video game where they didn't get the rights to the name, so it's called the Kinwurst?

Now as you say it, it DOES look like some Kenworth W900 look-alike from Grand Theft Auto or similar ...
I like it, sad to see the 900 go....hell it's been around for 3000 years, but I like it, looks right, sounds right, not to much aero crap, sure it will drive right.
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WTH? over here they just spray gas inside the machine and blow it up
there they destruct the building around the machine?