The Bourbon (and other whiskeys) Thread


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Nov 5, 2007
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Any other bourbon drinkers here? I first got into it about 9 months ago, and have really enjoyed a nice neat pour after work. So far, I tend to be drawn to the Buffalo Trace Distillery family, though I'm a big fan of Elijah Craig as well. My bar right now looks like this:
  1. Buffalo Trace
  2. Buffalo Trace (Knightly Spirits Barrel Select)
  3. Eagle Rare
  4. W.L. Weller Special Reserve
  5. Elijah Craig
  6. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C918 batch
  7. Litchfield Distillery Cask Strength
  8. Litchfield Distillery Double Barreled (10 year)
  9. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
The basic Elijah Craig is my daily drinker, with the Eagle Rare, Weller, and Litchfields reserved for special occasions. I have to be in the mood for the Woodford, as it's a very bitter finish, almost like coffee. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is one of my favorite pours, and the C918 batch clocked in at a staggering 131.4 proof or thereabout. It's a fantastic bourbon to drink neat, even with the heat from the high proof. It almost tastes spicy, but has incredible caramel notes. I also have a couple of ryes: Sazarac Rye (once again, Buffalo Trace Distillery), and just got a bottle of Whistlepig Piggyback 6-year.

I've ventured out into Japanese whiskeys a bit, but I haven't bought one yet because even the low-end ones (Suntori Hibiki) clock in at around $80 for a 750mL bottle here.
a friend started a whiskey shop a while ago, and i've been to a few tasting etc, i just can't find the liking for whiskey
i'll take a good rum over whiskey any day

i'll just continue enjoying my joint after work :) - no need for alcohol
Can't go wrong with Woodford Reserve.

And for an added bonus the guy in charge of the place is, basically, Ned Flanders.

No, really, he is.

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of the Woodford Reserve basic bourbon. It's too harsh at the price point, especially considering that Elijah Craig is readily available and, to my taste, a much better drink neat. They're within one or two dollars of one another.
I've never seen Elijah Craig here or tasted but I will keep an eye out and see if I can find some.
My current preferred bourbon is Jim Beam Devil's Cut.
How could I have not noticed this for an entire weekend?

Where would you like to begin?


This was back in February, there have been a few additions since then.
Oh dear, I spot some good bottles there! Bottle of Blanton's, couple bottles of High West? Looks like you have a decent supply! Very jealous that you can get Blanton's... it's impossible to find down here!

Here's my shelf. The decanter holds the regular Elijah Craig.
Oh dear, I spot some good bottles there! Bottle of Blanton's, couple bottles of High West? Looks like you have a decent supply! Very jealous that you can get Blanton's... it's impossible to find down here!
The Kavalan is the crown jewel. I have one of the bottles that one best whiskey globally. Still unopened.
Oh, I see them hiding there in the back! Well, savor them :) I've got a lead on some Weller Antique 107, 12 Year, and perhaps even some Pappy later this year...
I don't begrudge anyone who has a large collection, but I personally don't like to keep more than a bottle or two on hand at any one time. Partly because I couldn't justify having that much money sitting on the shelf slowly oxidizing. And partly because I come from a long line of alcoholics, I've never been a big drinker nor were my parents, but I have this fear that if there were a dozen bottles sitting around I'd start looking for excuses to drink them, see the last sentence about them slowly going bad.

In my family we don't have "Bottle half full/half empty", it's "What the fuck do you mean you're out of bourbon?"

All that being said, I subscribe to two rules when it comes to whiskey.

  1. Good whiskey is whiskey that you like to drink.
  2. The best way to drink it, is the way you like to.

Anyone telling you differently comes off like an asshole.
I like to drink it slowly and diversely.
I have to have a few bottles on hand because I don't know what I feel like drinking at any given time. Sometimes I want the burn of a barrel proof, sometimes I want something smooth but luxurious like Eagle Rare, and sometimes I want something else. A bit of diversity helps me from getting tired of drinking one particular bottle.
Another Jim Beam warehouse caught fire today, too. Bookers is gonna get super expensive soon.
Basil Hayden is my go-to, though recently I've also gotten into Jefferson's.

Woodford, Knob Creek Single, and Makers 46 are quite good also.

I'm going to crack open my bottle of Blanton's in two weeks, I'll post back with my impressions.

Not a fan of rye.

This photo amuses me (the 1.75L of Eagle Rare arrived today).